Herbalife Extravaganza 2013 APAC Bangkok

It’s been just annouced, the Herbalife Extravaganza 2013 for the APAC Region (Asia Pacific) takes places once again in Bangkok. June 13 – 16 2013.

Get ready for the most energizing Event your eyes have ever seen. When ten thousands gathering together to celebrate, getting trained and having fun. An event of energy and momentum second to none. 2012 in Singapore 26,000 people attented the Extravaganza, so we can expect a mind boggling event this year.

The momentum is unprecendet, Herbalife is on the peak but its just getting started. People from the Asia Pacific Region; Come on and join us today, and celebrate in June with an event that will be the biggest turning point.

Join a team of honest caring people and succeed today. Then celebrate in September  and have fun. This event has been for thousands every year a turning point for a better life, and it will be for you too. Fill the contact form and put the Note ‘Extravaganza’ – Or if you have alredy made the decision becoming part of the great opportunity, sign up and get your Herbalife IBP Starter Kit. With costs less than an iPod.

If you are not living the Asia Pacific Region but know people there, this is a great reason to join too, we’ll show how you can include this region.

This was Singapore 2012…