The Truth Shines also in crises

Hello friends,

I’ve been ask several times why this company develops an unprecedented momentum, gains another $1.1 Billion in just one year, while the world is in deep crises.

It’s because of the core values this company, its products and business philosophy stands for. “People helping People to live a better and healthier life” and the linked deep truth that “Your Life becomes better, by making other peoples life better!” A TRUTH that shines all the time. The company teaches care and consideration Distributor to Customer and Distributor to Distributor, with ethics and quality second to none.

Yes, having the best products, science, teachers, opportunity and world leading Credentials is the key to have a vehicle second to none. And we got ALL of it! But its just the vehicle we use to spread out the message to the world, that we have to reverse certain things in our life, in our society, in order to improve.

My goodness, 7 billion people and most of them suffering lack of proper nutrition (micro-nutrient). Billions are obese and this is an epidemic out of control. Hundreds of billions of  healthcare costs are spent for health issues triggered by obesity or poor nutrition. There is no teaching to the people about good nutrition and excersise, understanding that we still ‘live’ in a body that needs those two pillars. SCARY is that this generation might be the first generation that will NOT outlive its parents because of obesity. And so on so forth…

And how great is it, when a company recognizes good work in an unparalleled way. To show that its really a great thing what the individual does! And shower them with recognition as they move on and becoming leaders. Becoming more than they are. Do you wonder why 26,000 people coming to one single Event, dancing and are exited? This is the result when individuals have the opportunity to develop their own person, with future and perspective. And learning and feeling that there is nothing better than helping people to feel better, and teaching them opportunity and personal development.

While outside the world fighting each other, don’t love each other. When you see our bigger events when ten thousands coming together from all different countries, different colors, languages, religions, educations, etc. there is no fight no dislike… I guess we are teaching the world also in this field.

Facts are facts, and for no other reason this company has become the world’s No. 1 not only in the ranking, science and opportunity. It has become No. 1 to Millions in their HEARTS around the world. And NOW, because the TRUTH SHINES while other struggling, more and more world renowned experts from around the world joining this company, to be part of its great mission!

And with its Herbalife Family Foundation and its Casa Herbalife Programs around the world, it cares for Kids of Risk. Like the Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes said, when he started the Family Foundation “To those much is given, much is expected”

With 83 countries (and counting) 4 Billion+ are out there. We have just got started my friends, and that is an exiting fact too.

I am Ralph, I am a Herbalife Independent Distributor,
and look forward to meet more great people to join me from around the world, to carry on and expand this great mission and opportunity. With the care and consideration to people and success.


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