Pyramid Schemes

Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

I LOVE this question, particularly as I always realize that people don’t realize that almost  our whole world is structured as a Pyramid. So, what we are talking about is actually to BREAK OUT of the Pyramid structures with hierarchic thinking. Where you can earn more than people ‘above’ you, when you are more productive.

Many people love to use the description Pyramid Scheme for business structures of Network Marketing. Actually and funny at the same time, they start thinking about ‘Who is above me?’. Not realizing that our entire life is structured as a Pyramid. The usual companies, governments, families, etc.

And actually the beautiful thing is, if working with a good Network Marketing company, a person can always earn MORE than the person who sponsored. While in classical company structures a secretary will NEVER have the chance to earn more than her upper manager, or even more than the company owner. HERE YOU CAN! And what’s MORE FAIR? I guess most will agree, being better paid for the actual better productivity NO MATTER where you stand.

The philosophy of a good Network Marketing company is better than any other structure and teaches people care and consideration for others.
“YOUR life becomes better, by making other peoples life BETTER.”

I am into Herbalife, a great Network Marketing company. And its just great. Having real and fantastic products for a healthy active lifestyle. A marketing plan that allows anything to achieve and even more than the sponsors or Up-lines. It is definitely not a get quick rich and retire fast business. To get rich we have to WORK. And hard work as never been paid off such great and residual like here. With fun and a great mission to the world.

We are talking about an unusual opportunity for people of average, to start part time something great. I never liked to idea working hard and building value for something I would never own. How about you?

Here is a great and short video about Pyramid thinking:


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