Passion and Mission

Often I was asked ‘Why’ did I give up my good job for what I do today?

It is simple: It’s because of the products and how they have affected me. It’s passion for what they do to me and to others.

In the beginning I never thought about a business. But when people came to me, and I gave them the same care and consideration like for myself… and I saw how they changed and the HAPPY faces, how much contribution it means to someone else’s life, I knew this is what I WANT TO DO forever! Around the world.

We have Billions of people out there! With care and consideration we can do a lot of good, and the Team has to become pretty big, of honest caring people, to reach out.

Teaching that the care is what makes you grow, not the chase for money. ‘YOUR LIFE BECOMES BETTER, by making other peoples life better’. What an incredible philosophy that can put here into reality.

And guess what. The Team can’t become big enough.. babies are being faster than we can reach the full market place of currently 4 Billion people.

So.. Let’s reach out together! It is FOR YOU, you OWN THE HARVEST of your work.
It is flourishing? For decades! Momentum? Unprecedented; gained $1.1 Billion in 2011.

For whom is it?
This is the best place for people of average, to start part-time a free enterprise, with limited time and capital, for any goals. For an extra income with the potential to become an entrepreneur, if they want to.

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