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Like it is in life, what gives us good – we endorse – right?

With lack of health, we cant perform like we should! Considering that we have become globally a society of performance more than at any time before. Aside all business we always suppose to think about our health, as once its ruined its gone. But most of us wake up when the Doctor diagnostics “no more” or one day “all over sudden” our body collapses.

Today I want to share with you what brought me ‘light into the tunnel’. And I want to thank the person who introduced me this concept sometime back! You truly made my day :-)  I want to share simply my impact of feeling far greater, healthy, raring to go, losing weight if need to, with an incredible energy for the day. If this something of interest, you should continue reading.

Remember our grand parents… they used to praise Breakfast is the most important meal! Since we’ve got 4 Billion people more on this planet, the quality of foods by far is not anymore what our Grands used to buy, and our nutritional society has changed drastically. Fast food and generally energy dense foods with very low nutritional value are common, instead of meals with high nutritional value.

A Breakfast with high nutritional value indeed makes a difference to fix a lot. Perhaps you feel fatigue, could use more energy, or want to drop weight.

Here is the scientific fact that concerns all of us. Every morning our body needs 114 nutrients as he got 100 trillion cells to nourish. Did you know that? 

Good question is, what and how much must I eat to get that? In the modern world this is challenging for many reasons. Ends up too often short of nutrients, but with an excess of simple carbs and calories. Another trend is, skipping due to rush or having just a coffee.

Messing up with the breakfast affects a whole lot more our day, our blood sugar, our health, Pancreas, our weight, energy, this nap time feeling, I need sugar effect, etc.

What criteria got a healthy breakfast? Restores the energy expended in the last 24 hours. Restores the building materials expended during the night. Replenishes water balance. Maintains energy levels with the normal range.

And who needs this? Everybody, Health challenged and healthy people, Adults and kids, Underweight and overweight people, active, athletic people and ‘coach potatoes’.

You may think now, ok what’s the solution? It is Cellular Nutrition, Digestive Cleansing and Energy. Easy, fast, delicious, and with leading science… of course! Here we got e.g. Dr. David Heber, a person who devoted his life to human nutrition. Big name not only in UCLA and with letters behind his name I can’t spell them all. And many more from around the world.

It’s never boring. Recently we had recipe “competition” with a lot of fun, Berry Bonsai, Brain Freeze, Raspberry Razzmatazz, or Passionate Papaya… You’ve got to try them! And there are endless more.

The effect is very cool. I supply my body with the best nutritional value on highest quality, and he lets me feel it. Same counts for millions world wide and top athletes. And it takes me just 3-5 minutes.

So think about your body, when you have Breakfast. He wants you to give him 114 nutrients.

Great Freebies! Right now a Free Immune solution! An alcohol free Handsanitizer. Kills 99.99% of common germs in seconds. Gentle botanical blend won’t strip away the healthy oils in your skin.

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Try an in-expense healthy breakfast high in nutrients, really worthy! Click here… get a free customer account, and ask for: Healthy Breakfast package + Freebie! By the way I calculated once for me, it is between 3.50$ and and 4.40$ per serving.

Welcome to the healthy breakfast generation :-)

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