The price of a healthy breakfast

The human body consists 100 Trillion Cells and demand 114 nutrients, daily to supply them. And what do we give it? To often just simple carps = sugar (sucrose) or nothing. If simple carps or nothing, the vicious cycle leads to an overweight state, which can lead to other health challenges.

Can we manage this? Yes we can and it takes just 3 – 5 minutes in the morning! With plenty and very delicious variations for every day!

Cellular Nutrition, Digestive Cleansing, Energy. Gives us Vitality, better Shape, simply more Well-being. Instead of feeling fatigue, overweight, and other stuff the modern world suffers from.

A healthy breakfast with the highest nutritional quality possible is just 4.35$ per breakfast (In the US). That takes care for a proper nutrition, digestive health and energy. Absolutely worthy for our body and health.

And this is what you get:

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